Digital Events — an Overview of Software Options Curated by a Pro

At Disrupt Network we are hosting 2–3 digital events every week with 80–500 participants. Our focus: all things disruptive tech. Our mission: Building communities and connecting stakeholders for an exchange of ideas.

TL;DR: scroll down to the table.

The world of tech events has come a long way since the great offline exodus into the realms of the Internet. Disrupt Network has built Meetup communities and disruptive tech conferences. Then came COVID and with it the necessity to move our operations online overnight. Unsure what exactly the best format would be, we took 2 weeks to try out every digital event software available. In the end we came back to — Zoom. But we are still on the lookout for innovative ways to bring people together digitally.

Below we have selected our top 2 digital event software tools and how we use them — as well as the complete list of tools.

1. Zoom

The killer feature of zoom is the massive concurrent user numbers combined with the ability to join via a web browser (no installation, no sign-in, no passwords).


I have not really seen a reason to not use Zoom, except 1:1 networking and interactivity. The coolest alternative here is People can join, just like in Zoom, via a web browser without having to signup. The closer one walks with the little character to another, the louder one can hear them, allowing people to drop in and out of conversations. Only downside: the Gameboy-styled design and the playful interface might not be for all people.

List of all known digital event tools.

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